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About university

6/25/2021 12:19:46 PM

The history of Sari Islamic Azad University

About university

Sari Islamic Azad University (iau) is founded in Sari the center of Mazandaran Province in north of Iran. It opened in February of 1992 in coincidence of Islamic Revolution in Iran. Its establishment was based on necessity of the society specially the youth. It started in majors like Computer, Mechanic, Educational Management, Nursing, and Midwifery with about 1000 students. Its chancellors have been:

Beginning – 2003 Dr. seyed Siavash Mirshafiei

2003 – 2006 Dr. Mehrdad Irani

2006 – 2018 Dr. Kiomars Niaz Azari

2018 – 2019 Dr. Hosein Mansurian

2019 – now  Dr. Hosein Kermanian

More than 6000 students at different levels such as :  Associate ,  Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. in 194 academic fields of study are studying in this university. Further; based on the announcement of the central IAU, the points of this university is 2056,95.