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The experience of student bloggers helps international students / Introducing the world's top student bloggers

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Every student can be a student blogger to talk about their experiences on campus, connecting with professors, and ways to succeed with their peers. Talks that help international students choose the right university.

The experience of student bloggers helps international students / Introducing the world's top student bloggers

According to University Department of ISCA , students, bloggers or bloggers to online student academic experiences in cyberspace and environments such as YouTube or ticking, share. From introducing the best university cafes to how to deal with stress and anxiety during your studies.

Honest sharing of student experiences seems to have changed higher education. Because students will use each other's experiences and choose their future universities accordingly.

Student Blogger was initially a way for minority students to connect with a wider audience and share their experiences; But today, many students around the world provide valuable information about choosing a university and understanding international student life by making and sharing a film.

In the following, we will introduce 10 of the world's leading bloggers.

Sebastian Pirie, a medical student at the University of Sydney, Australia, introduces his audience to the routine of life at the University of Sydney by making videos including daily lifestyle blogs.

"Reading with Me" is the title of Sebastian's long-running films, which he reads with his audience. These films accelerated his popularity during the era of coronary restrictions and the virtualization of student education. Prior to Corona, follow-up videos included tips and tricks for admission to Australian university medicine.

Filmbyzeb is a small channel documenting life at the University of Cambridge, England. Zeb is a fourth-year computer science student at Queens College, and they are creative, thoughtful, and credible films.

Zeb videos cover everything from the university campus, student life, mental health management and welfare during the Corona outbreak, to college tours and daily blogs and lifestyles. She shares videos about her daily school planning and the small things she does every day to boost her well-being. In his series of videos titled "Impact", Zeb interviews his fellow bloggers about attracting audiences and the impact of blogging on their lives.

Deepika Maan is an Indian international student studying biotechnology at the 100-year-old College of Toronto, Canada. His videos are in both English and Hindi, and include daily blogs of his experiences as an Indian studying in Canada.

Deepika recently shared videos about the impact of the corona outbreak on her education and college experience.

Eve Cornwell, a law graduate from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, shares her four-year university experience on YouTube. Her videos cover topics related to law, such as how to prepare for a law school entrance exam or analyze her favorite movie, legally blonde.

Eve is currently a law trainee, which is why her recent videos are about moving from college to the world of work and tips for being useful after graduation.

Renée Kapuku is a graduate student in international education policy at Harvard University. Capoco motivational and instructive videos about his experience as an international student in the United States are useful for those who are interested in following in his footsteps.

Created by Fellow Brownie, Professor of Computer Science Northeastern Mayank Ranjan Dial; But it is actually a joint project between a number of international graduates. The channel introduces solutions to help international students, especially Indian students, come to the United States. Brownie videos cover the cost of studying in the United States to prevent culture shock.

Ehis Ilozobhie, a final year student of German literature at Keynes College in the United Kingdom, together with a linguistics student, makes videos about student life and social communication. He talks about his experience in higher education, including its ups and downs and achievements.

She spent part of her education in Berlin and talks about her experiences in living, finding an apartment and adapting to culture as a black international student in the UK.

Ibz Mo is a renowned student blogger who went from a public school in East London to study humanities, social sciences and politics at Cambridge University. Ibs has many followers and is making videos of his experiences while studying at Oxford University. His channel contains practical tips for going to university, especially for a student of color who is studying at a predominantly white university.

"Show your special taste" is Ibs's famous motto that encourages students to set big goals for themselves and move towards them with motivation.

Jem is a student at the University of Waterloo in Canada who offers recommendations for realistic and healthy study. These tips balance work and leisure. Watching Jam videos about university stress and pressures on students will be motivating and enjoyable.

The Studytube project was created in collaboration with the top student bloggers in response to the outbreak of coronary heart disease on YouTube. Instead of engaging in everyday life, these students made videos of their favorite academic subjects, such as geopolitics, Buddhist philosophy, and economics.

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